1TAC TC1200 Tactical Flashlight Review


perfect for night use


Some people assume that they do not need a tactical flashlight because they never go on dangerous military missions or track down criminals like police officers do, but these torches are useful in other types of situations too. You can use one to scare off someone trying to break into your home when the power goes out during a storm or even when you need to make repairs in dark areas of your home.


1TAC TC1200 ( Check Price on Amazon.com )


The 1TAC TC1200 (View on Amazon) is one of the best around. While once only available to a select few, it’s now available to all interested customers. With a strobe setting, you can get help in an emergency and ward off potential attackers.


Product Specifications

  • The included light inside this product will last for up to 100,000 hours before you need a new one
  • Has five different light modes for hunting and tracking or use in other situations
  • Measures a little over five inches long and will fit in most hands
  • Runs on a standard lithium battery but will also work with AAA batteries
  • Features a telescoping head for actually changing the angle of the light emitted
  • Has a slip-resistant case on the outside of the torch that helps you keep a tight grip with wet hands
  • The unique design of the case surrounding the light can break through a glass when trapped in a car or locked out of your home
  • Completely waterproof and meets common waterproof standards
  • Weighs 5.6-ounces and will not add any extra weight or stress to your bag or pocket


Pros/Cons of this Model


  • Use the tail switch to choose between five different brightness settings and other modes and to cycle through those settings
  • Defend yourself against someone trying to attack you with this product’s strobe setting, which will disorient men even twice your size
  • Thanks to its lightweight design and compact shape, you can toss one of these torches in the glove box of your car, in your emergency preparedness kit or even in your toolbox
  • Use the permanent on feature to ensure that it keeps producing light, even if you need to move your hands
  • Capable of producing up to 1,200 lumens, will reach into even the darkest of corners and outdoor spaces
  • Safely use the light outside without worrying about breaking it because of the o-rings and gaskets that form a waterproof seal
  • You won’t worry when you drop it either because it has an anodized aluminum body that protects the internal components and parts during any type of fall or drop
  • Use the bezel on the top of the flashlight to shatter your window or windshield when your car lands in water to safely escape
  • Get inside your own home when you lose your keys without waiting around for a locksmith with the same bezel
  • Let others know that you are in trouble and need assistance via the SOS feature of this brand



  • May require a lot of force or pressure to break glass
  • Will not last as long on AAA batteries as it does on a lithium battery


Final Verdict

You can now find tactical flashlights for sale in big box stores and camping supply stores, but a large number of brands and models on the market actually makes it hard to find the best one. Some of these torches are great for camping and hunting but won’t work as well in your home or when you’re on the job. The TC1200 from 1TAC is one of the models that will work in all these situations and much more.


1TAC TC1200 ( Check Price on Amazon.com )


The modes on this product are absolutely amazing for checking your circuit breaking during a power outage, illuminating a large space when patrolling around your job site and stunning attackers coming after you. With the strobe and SOS modes found on it, you can get protection from thieves and seek help during an emergency too.